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Aloha, Christmas

Started the day early with a trip to LaJava.  Not just any old trip – my first.  It really exceeded my expectations – I mean they even sold Areopress filters.  Yeah, for real.

I was hoping they’d offer a few varieties of whole bean – without all the fru-fru flavors… you know, like chocolate brownie pecan. I just want awesome coffee.  They had a big chalkboard full of choices!  It was great.  They even had Kona!  So I got a quarter pounder of Kona ($35/lb) and a quarter pounder of Ugandan.

So I tried a couple cups of the Kona today.  Oh, my my my… Just made my brain dance. So good.  Smooth.  Even grinding it seemed easier on the little Hario Slim that I use.

Spent the day mostly inside with the fam.  I’d say cabin fever is about to set in.  Everyone has been cooped in for the last few days due to extreme cold or the stomach bug.

We a least cleared a little more room in the family room by taking the Christmas tree down.  Like the reformed Scrooge at the end of A Christmas Carol we try to keep it all year.  But even he took his tree down before February.

Until next Advent, tree… Aloha!*

*That can translate into both “hello” and “goodbye” but in this case, I mean goodbye.

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