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Snow day, for a couple hours

Got a phone call from a strange number I didn’t recognize this morning at 5:30 am.  I let it go to voicemail.  It was the automated school delay system telling me that school was delayed by two hours.

That also was my alert that I had some snow blowing  to do. I timed it pretty well.  I got out early enough to get our driveway cleared before the big plow came through.

The two hour delay meant that the Tribe (my first born son) had the day off of school.  The Princess toiled with her piano lesson mourned the loss of two precious hours of snow day.

Maybe piano isn’t for her.  I wonder who it’s for and what it’s doing in our house.

I enjoyed every minute of the snow day.  No, I had no time off from work but it got me out of the house on a beautiful January morning.  And the coffee in my cup was all the better afterwards.

I set my coffee cup on the piano bench…  Maybe the piano is here for the bench. The bench is here for the coffee.  The coffee is here for the ‘taste of coffee after a snow’ and the snow is here for me.

Too bad the snowfall was only good enough for a two hour delay.  The princess could have used more practice time.

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