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The little things

Lots happened today.  I never have writers block.  Not even a speed bump.  But today the Tribe won a penny jar drop for the second day in a row at school. That’s a really big deal for him.  He was so proud of himself.  He picked out a little stuffed dog for his prize.  Yesterday he picked a stuffed dinosaur.

The Princess is looking forward to going to the American Girl doll store for a reward for keeping her room clean for a month.  (Not a doll – just an accessory. I hope she knows that)  And yeah AG dolls are crazy expensive but having eight year old girls being excited to play with dolls and really just be eight instead of eighteen is a great thing.

Mikester.  What did he do?  Well, he’s the only morning person along with me.  He helps me wake up everyone else. The non-morning people.  We’re outnumbered, yeah.

My wife has been working hard at getting our basement back to normal.  “Normal” for other people, not us… because in the past our normal for the basement was pretty messy. “Well, the basement looks pretty good now but the rest of the house looks bad.” says she as I type this.  She’s on to other sentences now but my wpm is only 15. Actually I think that’s all I can really process in a  minute anyway.

Ten years from now we’ll never remember any of the little things. But these were the big things of today.

Me?  My little big thing is them.

Oh, and I had a really great salad at McDonald’s with my dad. My dad, not the salad, was the big thing.  He’ll probably take that to be a weight joke.


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