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Camping out, in

This morning my wife tricked the Tribe out of bed by saying, “who wants to go to the cabin?” That got him up but he was in tears minutes later when it was revealed that that was just a rhetorical question.

So I said, maybe you can play camping out in the living room after school?

Somehow this was interpreted as saying, “You can camp in the living room tonight!”

So that’s where the fam is, minus me and Mike.

* * *

They called it early today.  Before a single snow flake hit the Tundra, school is already cancelled for tomorrow. I suppose that helped the camping lobby.

It isn’t forecast to start snowing until later in the afternoon. Hopefully I can make it  back home from work. Some snowstorms I have to crash at my parents’ home.  And by crash, I mean through a snow bank to get into their driveway.

I’m bringing my sleeping bag just in case.

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