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You ever want to be a minimalist?

You ever want to be a minimalist?

I admit, at times, I do. Especially when the house is a mess. Yes, I think about it often.

Minimalists seem happy. But they really tend to talk about Minimalism a lot. Not minimally. Okay, you’re happier you don’t have stuff — what do you want, a trophy?  Oh right, maybe not.  Yes, minimalists are literally losers.  On purpose.

I’d probably get really good at minimalism but then always worry about getting stuff. “Oh, thanks for the gift.” Yeah, thanks – now I have to stop by Goodwill!

Or to backslide after being minimal for a while, and then suddenly… STUFF.

It’s for the best I’m not a minimalist, as much as I want to be one.

I just wish the house wasn’t so messy.

Or that messes were trendy.




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