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On my watch

I don’t usually post pics but today I’ll make an exception. It happened on my watch. When I watch the kids by myself, I usually like to take them outside. #1 Because they love going out so much. #2 It seems to make the time go so much faster. #3 Helps me in my quest to reach 10,000 steps a day.

TL took the Tribe and the Princess to get Valentines for their classmates, leaving me with our 2yo. Right away he asked to go outside and I was game.

If you’ve ever seen Finding Nemo, you’d find my fathering style similar to Nemo’s dad.  I’m a tad over-cautious with the kids. I do my best to hold that style back because deep down I know that “falling down”, in whatever form that takes, is something the kids have to experience in life.

I was clearing off our snow-impacted mailbox (the plow really did a number on it, it was the Leaning Mailbox of Pisa) and “feeding” snowballs to Mike’s lawnmower. Yes, he still plays with that lawnmower even in the dead of winter.

Suddenly I heard a cry and saw that Mike had slipped on some ice that he was mowing and fell on his face.  Not cool. Well, the ice was cool.

on-my-watchHis mouth looked really bad as I was rushing him inside. Like a blood volcano. I saw that his lower lip was cut but it also looked like their was blood coming from his upper teeth.  I cleaned him up a bit and took this picture. He already stopped crying which was a good sign.

At closer inspection I discovered that it wasn’t his upper teeth that were bleeding but that connecting tissue at the top of the mouth. Thankfully the bleeding stopped pretty quickly.

It also was on my watch that a little Princess fell on her face.  She hit a front tooth on the sidewalk curb that cut up her lip but also gave her a grey colored tooth until that baby tooth fell out. Then I’d often lay awake at night and pray that a good new tooth would some in. No discoloration, please. The new tooth took its sweet time coming in but it was good, thank God!

I checked each of Mike’s front teeth, seemed good.  Not too much wiggling, I think. And his bottom teeth… good. Wait… Did he always have that lisp?! Yes, my wife said. I guess I never noticed it before.

I took off his snow gear and made him a cozy bed on the couch. Turned on Little Einsteins and gave him a cup of milk to drink. He seemed comforted.

A bit later he said his mouth hurt so I gave him some children’s pain reliever stuff. Then he was better.

I was better, too.  A little. Especially when his mom came home because there is no better doctor or soother. And if anything else would happen it would be on our watch together.

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