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Ice Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday today and the game was pretty good.  I thought the Panthers just had to show up and collect the trophy and do some silly dances. Maybe that’s all they thought they had to do, too.  Broncos’ D had other plans.  I guess defenses do win championships.


Anyway the girls had to run a mission so I was left with the boys. Figured I had to get back on the horse and take the boys outside to play.

Only a day since Mikey’s bloody slip up on the ice.  But it was much less icy out today, downright warm even in the early morning.

So Mikey got his trusty lawnmower and the Tribe mounted his Speed Dragon big wheel. Oh, there was plenty of opportunity for slips and spills but they do have some good guardian angels on their side.

We live in a quiet neighborhood, except for us. You might hear my echoes of  “slow down!” “Stop!” “Don’t do that!”

The Tribe is an artist on his big wheel – reminds me of his old man (me). But he got a few shouts from me when he headed full-speed into the snow bank.

Yep, good guardian angel there.


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