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More snow today. By my measurements at least three inches. Four, maybe. By the time I got outside after the kids were asleep* (well, I walked pass the Tribe’s room and his eyes were wide open. He looked at me, I put my finger to my lips — he didn’t say a word), it was way too late to snow blow. And I was worried that if I left the snow for the morning, it might be too hard to blow.

So I got out my shovel and went to work.  Really light stuff which was nice. Gave me a chance to clear my head which was full of worries and doubts and just overall mental fatigue.

I got the snow shoveled. Went back inside and passed by Levi’s room. His wide eyes met mine, I put my finger to my lips — he didn’t say a word. Just looking at those eyes I could tell they were filled with ideas, thoughts and wonder. I hope to rekindle that in mine.

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