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Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Fat Tuesday

Way to go. Call a day of the week “fat” and it turns into a day of fasting, of course!

Poor Tuesday.

But it’s also Paczki Tuesday. So after a triumph over getting my sleepy body up for some pre-work work, I high-tailed it to the store to pick up some pack’s for Team Schmitt.

The Princess has always been the best paczki eater, still is. The Tribe vampired it (sucked all the filling out and left it for dead. Mikey patted it. Then he patted the powdered sugar all over himself.  He then licked the rest of the sugar off.

We usually go out to eat for Fat Tuesday but that gets so expensive fast. This year we decided just to get some take out. Since the recent KFC commercials have been so funny, and it’s probably been 20 years since we had any Kentucky Fried Chicken, we decided on that.

I guess those commercials were effective because the place was busier than I have ever  seen it. We even had to reschedule the Princess’ piano lesson. It was worth the wait though… the 20 years.  Amazingly it still tasted just as I remembered everything. Though I think the potatoes were even better.

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