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Daddy-Daughter Dance

I was sitting at the abandoned daddies table at the annual daddy-daughter dance when it hit me. Some day I’m going to have to pay for a party like this for my daughter’s wedding. Where am going to come up with that kind of money? I can barely come up with the kind of money that I currently come up with.

Before the dance we dined at the Princess’s favorite spot, Noodles and Company. We even sat our usual  table.  And ordered our usuals. Mac and cheese for her. Penne for me.

We’re both fast eaters. We got there at 6pm and were finished by 6:05.  The dance was at 6:30. We had some time to kill.

Went to Shopko to pick up some Bicycle playing cards as a valentine for my wife. (Don’t worry! I got her 12 long stems with roses on the end and a big box of chocolates from Seroogy’s) The playing cards are romantic because they are for playing cribbage together.

But I digress. Back to the dance.

We made it to the dance and after the father-daughter pic, Teresa was immediately whisked away by her friends. The dads got three dances in there. At 8:55 you could hear all the automatic starts of the cars outside. 9pm every daddy grabbed their daughter, “Let’s go! It’s over!”  9:05 the parking lot was clear and another dance was in the books.