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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! And if you came up short this V-day like Charlie Brown going to an empty mailbox, don’t feel too bad, after all, it is Sunday.

Okay. Valentine’s Day. Lots of pressure on people everywhere. Thanks, Hallmark. Did you know that nine out of 10 people have a fight with their significant other on Valentine’s day? I just made that up but I’m guessing it might be even higher.

My wife tells me every year that I don’t have to do anything. No flowers. No chocolates. But it’s the rare case that I have to put my foot down and veto her request.  Don’t get me wrong, I put my feet down everyday to walk.

I buy roses and chocolates for her and my daughter, not only as an expression of my love but also as an example for my boys and my daughter, too. I want to teach my boys by example how to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady (you’re welcome, future daughter-in-laws).

That’s important for the Princess, too, for how a gentleman should treat her. (Sorry, future son-in-law, but you need to be awesome).

What’s funny is how fast they catch on. After I distributed the flowers and the chocolates — including a Seroogy’s  chocolate bar for each of the boys, the Tribe asked for paper and colors. I thought he just wanted to draw a bit but he then made me a Valentine heart. Then he made one for his mom and one for the Princess.

He was frustrated by his last drawing because he couldn’t get the heart just right. I encouraged him to give it anyway that he tried his best. The Tribe then said, “Maybe I could just buy them stuff like you do.”

Well, I think my heart is in the right place. I hope theirs is, too. Love is about sacrifice, and flowers, and chocolates, and wanting the best for others, and about hearts that aren’t perfect but try to be.

Happy Valentine’s Day.