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Emotional rescue

I was so proud to get an email from the Princess’s teacher this afternoon.  She stated how proud she was of the Princess in math class. Going up to the board and explaining how to do the math homework… First off, isn’t it great that she took the time to email us that?

I got home to find the Princess in tears and quite hysterical about her homework and a problem with a project due tomorrow. I did my best to calm her down a bit before her piano lesson. I think it helped that I read a few chapter’s of Pope Francis’ new book, The Name of God is Mercy today.  Maybe I should read it every day.

And maybe music does sooth the savage beast.  After the lesson I encountered a completely civilized young lady. I had emailed her teacher about the issue with the project and the teacher replied that she could have until Friday. What a relief!  What a teacher, too!  We figured out her homework in maybe 20 minutes… And then it was done.

Words have weight.  They can build people up or tear people down. They can build bridges or burn them down.  You can speak a million words and say nothing.  You can speak a few and change someone’s day… someone’s life.