A Daily Blog of Family Life in Wisconsin

Great, little things

So many great, little things in life I too often take for granted. Here’s a few that come to mind today:

Paid under $19 for a full tank of gas tonight.  Never thought that would happen since 9/11… unless I had a motorcycle.

A nice picture from the daddy-daughter dance.  Usually with bright lights I squint my eyes but this year’s pic from the dance looked really nice. TL had it framed when I came home.  The Tribe asked if we were getting married.  How can you have kids and not laugh?

Reading.  I love to read.  Love it!  This may borderline on superstition but I know that if I don’t get a little reading time in with a great book, my day the next day won’t go as well as it would have if I get my reading in. No real way to prove that without cloning or parallel universes. But I have a hunch.

The people I work with.  I take this for granted like breathing air.  They are incredibly talented and sincere people.  When I arrive at work I’m usually taking off my seatbelt  while parking my car and opening my door to get out.  That’s a good sign.

The sump pump.  Ever since the flood this Fall, I’ve been wary of the pump taking a vacay again. So far, so good.

A really great Field Notes pencil. Need I say more?

Having a conversation with my 4yo son on the way to school. We inevitably talk about dragons and which ones we might be able to train.

I could go on and on.  That’s another thing I’m thankful for.