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The only good thing about sore feet

14,467 steps today. That’s right, 144% done according to my Steps app. And according to my doc, I should be getting a good 10K a day.  I have no idea how I’d do that at this point. 5K is a good day.

Today my feet are more sore than they were after last Friday’s walk. It was so cold last week that I had my big boots on. This week I wore my shoes with holes in the bottom. Yeah, not the best foot gear but I didn’t want to wear dress shoes on the walk.

So my feet were aching tonight but my wonderful wife just massaged them. And there is no better foot massage! The soreness makes it all the better.

And if I can roll over my 4,467 extra steps today, I may even hit 10K again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get another massage?