A Daily Blog of Family Life in Wisconsin

Time well spent

Spent a lot of time just hanging with the kids today.  No wonder it’s called quality time. Got to spend some time with each individually.

I spent a lot of time trying to interpret the words coming out of the Mikester’s mouth. I’m not 100% sure he’s speaking English. We may never know. But I gave him a cookie and he was pretty happy about that.

I worked with the Princess on her Maya Angelou report. Maya looks like she’s grooving in the pic she drew of her, so I think it’s spot on.

The Tribe (4yo) is already an artist that approaches genius… on his Big Wheel. You’ve got to let him ride it in the winter since the Big Wheel riding window of one’s life is all too quickly closed.

And this morning… just hugging my wife’s tummy, because you never know, ya know?  You know!  Do you know? Who knows?