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Softball is harder than you think

Got to take the Princess to a softball clinic at Preble High School.  Wait… Clinic? That doesn’t sound right.  Was it a  workshop?  Hmmm. Well, it was a bunch of girls from the Preble Hornets softball team teaching the 3rd and 4th graders the basics of the game.

Three of the Princess’ friends were there and I think that was her main motivation in being there. I think that was also her friends’ main motivation, too. You could immediately get a sense of the ones the scouts were looking to sign after the first few minutes.

I remember my dad taking me to some kind of baseball something. I had no idea or interest in it. And I wasn’t good at it until my dad went to the restroom… and when he got back I told him he had missed my home run. That was my only home run of the season.  And my only season.

I sat next to an assistant coach whose daughter was at the clinical workshop.  He had some great commentary and tips for when I practice with her at home. At the very least our game of catch has leveled up.