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What gets us through

What helps get you through the day?  I have found a common ground for most guys that I know.  (And by guys I really mean dudes, not ladies.) Here’s the revelation: they’re all pretty stressed out by work.

I think part of that was the Great Recession. Yeah, it wasn’t so great for people’s jobs and there was a heavy psychic weight that was placed on everyone.  The “survivors” of all the cuts had to pick up the duties that were once held by two or three people.

So there’s a lot of stressful factors in life. Not just for guys but everyone.  Especially the non-guys because they have everything they have to deal with  AND have to deal with us, too.

So what helps you get through the day?  (I have no Comments active on my posts so this is really between you and you but feel free to write me a letter.)

I like making coffee.  The taste of the coffee and caffeine are nice bonuses but I literally mean making a cup of coffee is rather therapeutic in the morning. I love measuring the beans into my Hario Slim grinder and cranking away until all the beans are ground.

Music. Wow!  Can anything else change your mood than just the right song?  And if I need Therapy, I can always get some on Spotify or YouTube… 2x a day.

I think nothing beats venting – so I try to be a good ventee as well as venter.  People need to vent.  No vents mean more explosions.

Sighing.  There are moments in the day that take me to a place beyond words.  A friend at work says how good sighing is for you.

Walking does wonders.  It doesn’t have to be a long one. A short brain stroll makes a big difference for me – especially when I’m stuck or not sure how to  approach a problem.

Prayer.  This can take the form of all of the above or a more traditional means of talking with God.  More often than not, I vent.

Last point.  Most psychic weight is put on ourselves by ourselves.  That’s heavy, eh?  Why do we put that on ourselves?  That’s the million dollar question.  Actually that question ain’t worth much, but figuring out the answer… hmmmm!