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Why you should always go to things you ought to go to

Went to the Men For All Seasons conference at the KI Center in Green Bay.  I had a lot of reasons not to go.  It’s an all day thing.  I’m tired.  It’s too expensive.  I lost my man card when I was wearing an apron this morning frying up bacon … they won’t let me in.

But I have those excuses every year.  And every year I’m glad I go anyway.  It’s good practice to do the things you ought to do even though you have awesome excuses not to.

This year Mike McCarthy, coach of the Green Bay Packers was the headliner.  No, he didn’t talk about conversion (especially not the two-point variety). He simply hit the fundamentals of his faith life as a Catholic and did a great job.  And come to think of it, the fundamentals are really what’s important.

Like going to things you ought to go to, even if you _____________. (Fill in the blank, but don’t let that stop you.)