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Name tags

Name tags on everyone would be a nice thing. We have too many things fighting for space in our heads. Passwords. Anniversaries. Birthdays. Names.

We meet hundreds, if not thousands of people. How can you be expected to remember them all?  A name tag is a nice thing.

At the conference yesterday I saw I guy I had lunch with once.  I said, “Hey, Harry!”  Harry was like, “Hey… you.”

It’s not Harry’s fault. He remembered his password to login to his email to go to the conference. He remembered his wedding anniversary on June 5th and got his wife her favorite yellow roses.  He remembered the birthdays of his two boys.

He forgot my name. I’d say he has a great batting average.

My name tag was covered up by my jacket.  Later in the day he saw me again; jacketless. Name tag unobstructed. “HEY! DAMIEN! Good to see you!” A name tag is a nice thing.

Let’s make life a little easier on everyone.  We have enough to remember as it is. Please… wear a name tag. For whatshisname’s sake.