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What was on Walt Disney’s business card?

Curiosity killed the cat but it took it nine times.

As far as I know, I’m on my first or second life so I can afford to the on the curious side of things.

My most interesting pondering of the day occurred as I was looking at an old black and white video of the grand opening of Disneyland. Enter Walt Disney on a steam train, larger than life. And I thought I wonder what would be on his business card. Walt Disney, Dreamer – Doer?  

Well, thanks to the magic of Google, I found one.  It’s from back before Disneyland was even a dream:

I do like the single word job title, that’s rare these days.

Here’s another card I found, seems to fit him pretty well. Talk about standing out!

One more. I hope I get the pleasure of getting one of these in person:

Take away? What does your business card say about you? That’s a take away? Hey, business cards are all take aways.