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EAA Family Flight Fest

Spent a fun day at the EAA with the fam for their EAA Family Flight Fest. Lots of fun but completely exhausted. But I was completely exhausted to begin with.

I think I found my way into aviation. It’s not drones because I just seem to crash those. It’s not flying lessons because that’s just way too expensive and more dangerous because it’d be like a giant drone and I’m inside of it for the crashes. It’s paper airplanes and these super light, elegant rubber band planes.

Okay, there may still be crashes with that. One of the exhibitors asked if I’d like to test fly one of his. Well, I crashed it into the ceiling of the hanger and it was stuck.  Thankfully they got it down with a really long extendable pole.  The plane was fine. My flying ego a little bruised but my imagination is sparked!  I think I can get into this.