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1+1= ate pizza

After work I went with the Tribe to his preschool’s special math night. They offered pizza and games that centered around math.

When we arrived we went for the pizza first as an example of #1 priority. During our meal, I asked the Tribe what 1+1 was. He said “eight” as he ate. It was going to be a long night.

We went through four tables of activities before the clock ran out of time. He knows his numbers pretty well but, unless it’s presented very visually, he just doesn’t get addition or subtraction yet.

Later on in the night, I helped the Princess with her Spanish studying (her mom studied with her, too). She was cramming for a test tomorrow and the cramming was just as pleasant as the word sounds; not muy.

You’ve got to practice a bit every single day, chica!  Chica? What’s chica?!  Exactly!

But my own advice guilted me into making sure I studied my Italian DuoLingo tonight. Io sono l’unomo. At least I try to be.