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Back in the USSR

Often times I think about the USSR or the Soviet Union — or Russia — or whatever we used to call it back in the days when the Klingons were a metaphor for Soviets or Russians.  And, oddly enough, I compare them to myself when I’m feeling like I’m at the end of my rope.

For one thing Russian ropes (back in the day) weren’t very long because there was always a shortage of stuff in Russia. And Russian kids would pay you hundreds of dollars in rubles for a pair of American blue jeans, even Lee jeans.

Sometimes my life feels like that.  I’m always at the end of my rope because , it’s a short rope.

That the saturation of color goes down a few levels into a beige. Everything in Russia is beige.

But then I think about Rocky IV and how Rocky Balboa brought a revolution to that bleak land just by punching out Drago… because if Rocky can change, then maybe you can change.  If you can change, maybe I can change. Maybe everyone in Russia can change.  And they did!  They changed into whatever we call it today.  And sure, it’s  not the greatest place but jeans cost way less… especially Lee jeans.