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The Tribe took a fall Part 2

The Tribe had a pack of ice on his head when I got to him. He tried taking a step and looked like a drunken sailor. (No offense to drunken sailors).

Festival had its Festival Easter Festival Day going on which is really a terrible day to go shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the store and how everyone says “my pleasure” but going shopping during their Festival Easter Festival Day is a zoo. That and Festival Zoo Appreciation Festival Day.

And so the story goes that Levi stood up in the cart when my wife my turned the cart without noticing him.  Boom! It happened that fast.

The paramedics then came and checked our boy out. Good signs were he never blacked out and he cried when he hit the ground. He also never vomited, knew who he was, and where he was and his eyes looked good. Well, he has my eyes, you know.

We decided not to take him into the emergency room after consulting with a nurse and not being able to contact anyone from our insurance. That’s sad that we even have to weigh in how much something like that could cost us. But living paycheck to paycheck is a reality for us. And I also remembered how author Nicolas Sparks had cracked his head open going up and his dad just hosed him down. Maybe the Tribe will be a great author. We can only hope.

Of course TL and had big plans that night to go out to a nice award dinner celebrating the life and work of Fr. Alfred McBride, a great author. But TL didn’t want to leave the Tribe, just in case. And since I had to help out with the event, I flew solo. My mom came over to help my wife with the kids.

It was a very touching night at the award banquet — I wish TL could have been there or I could have been at home. But we both were where we were and that was that.

The Tribe was pretty much his old self today but still had moments of soreness. I wish I could trade places with him to know exactly what he’s feeling and to take whatever pain he has away.