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The brief history of the cushion fort

I arrived home today to discover that our living room had been transformed.  There was not a couch, love seat or chair that had any cushions, except for our leather chair which had its cushion on backwards — which meant that at one point it was used but was overruled by a parental unit.

The kids had constructed a cushion fort village and were very busy at work when I arrived.

The Tribe was using his head injury to his advantage by pillaging his neighbors and knowing that they could not physically retaliate. He was sentenced to the naughty step but banished himself to his room where he laid down on his bed.

The Mikester then decided he was the heir apparent to the Tribe’s role as fort destroyer and there was no reasoning with him. He too was sent to the naughty step reformatory.

Being all alone, the Princess was able to rebuild the forts but with everyone incarcerated, it wasn’t much fun anymore so she left the fort village a ghost town.

Time passed and in the fullness of time, it was time to eat. The exiled Tribe was slow coming down stairs to the table.  Twice he looked out of his room and twice returned to his bed.

The third time he fully emerged from the shadows and potted an opportunity. The town was abandoned. Defenseless.

He casually approached it and kicked it down in delight. He went to supper.

After the kids were put to bed I came into the living room to lay down. With all the cushions scattered across the floor, I lowered myself upon the rubble and sighed.

“Comfortable?” my wife asked as she passed by.

“Not really,” I replied, “not really.”