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Something special from Wisconsin

I like surprises. But I like my surprises well-labelled: surprise!  My wife often ends her observations with the word “obviously”. And whenever she says that I think, “Really? I had no clue!”

So when surprising someone I think it’s a common courtesy to say, “Surprise!” And try not to end your comments with “obviously” just in case I’m in the audience.

I like Wisconsin weather because I like surprises. Earlier this month we were all pleasantly surprised that winter seemed to be behind us. We’ve had uncommonly beautiful, sunny weather for this time of year.

Today we got another surprise, a blizzard alert and not the Diary Queen* variety. I don’t follow the weather much but it sure followed me. Everyone everywhere was talking about how much snow we might get.

Thankfully the snow didn’t start really coming down hard until after I got home from work. And though it was kind of a surprise to be brought back to winter on the threshold of spring, it was nicely labelled. I like that. I like that I have a snow blower, too. Obviously.

Do you ever do this before a snow storm?

Do you ever do this before a snow storm?

Hey, do you guys, ever do this with your windshield wipers?  Smart I guess but I think it looks too silly for me to keep them this way.

*Annotation for the generation gap: Diary Queen is an American fast food chain that specializes in ice cream treats. A Diary Queen Blizzard is one such treat. In the land of Diary Queen, they treat you right – depending on who is behind the counter.