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Best Friday

Well, it’s Good Friday. But the Tribe got an early birthday present from his Nana, so he thought it was the best Friday ever. He said so himself.

Good Friday is a reflective day for me but it took me a while to get reflecting.

Yesterday Garry Shandling, one of my favorite comedians, died.  No biggie, right? It’s not like I actually knew the guy personally. I didn’t even know he was as famous as he was (was trending #1 on Twitter). But last night, I didn’t sleep well – that ear worm of a theme song from his first tv series was crawling through my brain.  That’s right, Garry gave me worms. I love that worm… the theme song, not Garry.  No, I love Garry, too.

I was tired and distracted at Good Friday service. Thankfully that was just hour one and thankfully there are two hours. I went with my little Princess and she was gold. Venerating the cross is a profound experience.

Everyone has crosses in their lives. I never wanted to embrace mine but maybe there’s a hidden gift in each. Some are well buried. Like forget about it. Crucifixion? Forget about it!  How can that possible be something we could ever kiss? Nothing is impossible with God.

I hope Garry had a good Friday.  Even better than the Tribe’s.