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Good help found

A three day weekend is a beautiful thing unless you get sick. That’s what happened to me and TL this Easter weekend. And we were to host Easter Sunday.

That’s also the reason my entries the past couple of days were so short. Oh? You didn’t notice? Bless you! You liar!

Thankfully Nana (TL’s mum) came to visit us anyway and basically made the entire Easter dinner herself with some help from the Princess. We ended up canceling – mostly so TL could rest, and mostly to prevent the plague from spreading.

Today I feel oh so much better. I arrive home to find Saint Princess who did all of the following and more (but these were the big ones):

  • Changed her brother’s poopy diaper(s)
  • Prepared Spagettios for that same brother
  • Washed all the dishes

Wha? Wha? Wah?!

good-helpMaybe good help isn’t so hard to find. So I brought her home a smoothie along with her mother’s (“the smoothie is not really for her but for the baby” — or so the story goes, Nana and I raised our eyebrows  suspiciously when we read that text from TL requesting a smoothie the other day).

The Princess was grateful for the smoothie but her first thought was to share with her brothers. I guess my work here is done. At least with the Princess.  The boys? The boys need a lot of work.