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Schopenhauer says

– Were you sleeping?

Of course I was.

-You fell asleep while talking to me! How did you do that?



SchopenhauerSchopenhauer says that with willpower, you can do anything. “I am what I want to be.” Right now I want to sleep, so I was saying to myself… “I’m sleeping, sleeping,” and I fell asleep.


And it’s simple too.

Above is a line from my second all-time favorite movie, Life is Beautiful. And today I experienced something quite strange. Now I have no proof this happened except my own perception. I ordered lunch. I thought about ordering a certain item but decided to get the same old, same old. Guess what I got?  The exact thing that I did not order but was thinking about ordering.

I’m 100% sure I ordered correctly. And while I was right, I would’ve like the same old, same old better, I ate it with a “whoa!”