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Star Wars with my daughter

Today was the last day of my 8 year-old daughter’s Easter break. So we decided to finally see Star Wars: The Force Awakens while it was still at the Budget.

The Force Awakens“The Budget” makes me twitch a bit since our last experience there was so-so. Cinderella was a great, great movie but the film looked like it was going to split in two at the Budget. For those of you growing up in the 80’s with VCRs, it looked like there was a tracking problem. I was wary of this happening for my lil’ girl’s first big screen Star Wars experience.

Much to my delight the screen and the picture were absolutely perfect. Even better, we had a great audience.

My princess loved it. She really got into all the humorous scenes and hearing her exclaim, “Han Solo! That’s Han Solo!” was great.

The Force Awakens DuelSpoiler Alert: C’mon, really? – this movie was released last December if you’re worried about spoilers still, go and buy the movie quick on iTunes. During a big scene when all looks lost for our heroes, the bad guy just crippled Finn and was reaching out with the  Force to levitate Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber to himself, the saber starts to move and then flies past the startled bad guy into the hands of our heroine, Rey… what a great scene and my princess stood up cheered and started clapping.  That was great.  When  was the last time a movie made you do that?

At the very end of the movie, my Princess screamed out “WHAT?! THAT’S THE END!? WE HAVE TO WAIT!?” Yep, now you know what I went through with Empire Strikes Back… And I had to wait three years for Jedi. Rogue One comes out in seven months and VIII comes out in December of 2017.  Can’t wait to see them with the Princess!