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Consistency counts

Hey, kiddos! This is a nugget of wisdom for you. Hopefully just as digestible as the McNugget but with less preservatives.  Actually, scratch that.  I hope it sticks with you.

Consistency:  It counts.  It always counts. It counts on a daily blog. It counts if you walk the dog.

I really don’t always feel like writing this blog every day. I’d rather just go to sleep, especially when I’m all tucked in my cozy bed and the lights are out and… I… remember… I have a daily blog. That’s a hard walk… to get out of bed… trip down the stairs… step on blocks and cars and toys that make loud noises to get to my computer to write my daily post — wiping the sweat and blood from my brow.

I want to make this clear, too. you can be consistently inconsistent. I know several people who are and it’s great to know that I can count on not counting on them.

So whether your walking the dog or writing a blog… be consistent.