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The artist of the Big Wheel rides agin

My son, who I affectionately call “The Tribe” in this blog, picked out his old Big Wheel bike from the garage when we decided to seize the daylight after supper. It had been a while since we chose “Speed Dragon” over his new “big boy” bike.

It still fits him perfectly and though the tires are balding a bit (much like his dad’s car), he has managed to build his act on that.

A fast peddling start makes the wheel spin in  place until the front wheel finally gains traction and speeds off. He also times his braking to allow for a nice, long skid… no wonder those tires are bald!

I’ve tried to video him to capture his artistry on this bike but it doesn’t translate to being there and witnessing it in person. Especially being in right front of one of his skidding stops. Sometimes his brother finds himself on the wrong end of those. With all of The Tribe’s expertise on this vehicle I often wonder, did he misjudge that braking to stop before he hit Mikey, or not?