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One Bullet Friday

Tim Ferriss gave us Five Bullet Fridays. But that means there’s one bullet left. So here’s my recommendation.

I’m tapping out this post on my iPhone. It’s not plugged into the wall yet it’s charging as I type. 22%… 23%… 24%. It’s really not that fast but I’m slowed down by percentage signs on an phone’s keyboard.


Okay how is my iPhone charging while it’s not plugged in to an outlet? I got the niftiest device… an iPhone case with an extra battery built in! Genius!


The case/battery I got recharged my iPhone 1.25 times. It kept my phone alive for an extra day. The case itself seems protective enough but I haven’t dropped it yet. The feel of the exterior is a little on the slick side but, like I said, no drops yet. Name drop on the case: Trianium.


Okay, I’m going to recharge myself now.