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Five years old

It doesn’t seem possible that my 4yo son is now a 5yo.

Where did the time go?

Mental note: this Summer, slow down. Make my life look like those old Country Time Lemonade commercials.

The Tribe took great joy in his birthday. He was really soaking it in this morning and at school. Gosh, days gone by, eh?

TL took a pic of him with his birthday crown from school and sent it to me. I’m not really an emotional guy except when it comes to watching Star Trek or Little House on the Prairie, it this made my eyes leak.

TL took him to Culver’s for a special birthday lunch and he loved all the attention. When I got home he blew out the candles for a brownie cake, twice.  My parents made it over a few seconds late so he had to blow them out again. He didn’t mind that. His 2yo brother minded that he didn’t get any presents but got over it, or forgot about it. At least there was a brownie cake.

After TL and the Princess left for piano lessons, the Tribe, Mike, my dad and I went outside and probably had the most fun that only a rummage sale toy can bring. A little toy propellor thingy that shoots out from a little slingshot thingy. The Tribe really worked hard on becoming an “expert” at making it fly. He said he was an expert to his sister later as she tried his new toy. “You failed. I know I am an expert.”