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Roman Holy Day

Ciao!  Am I saying hello or goodbye? You don’t know. I don’t know!
So I find myself in Rome today with Father Rocky.  And I find myself incredibly sleepy but you know the duty of a devoted blogger!

So here are some quick picture highlights.

Here I am crossing the Tiber river that separates Vatican City from Rome. A very 1surreal experience!

2I think I’ve used this image from stock photo websites for years. Now I’ve taken one myself!

3Facebook LIVE! Right before the Angelus. Now we didn’t stay for the Angelus because the pope was already 15 minutes late.

4The Pieta! What!? Another something from the category – thought I’d never see it in person. Well, there it was in St. Peter’s Basilica and there I was right next to it!

5You just can’t experience the scale of St Peter’s from a picture or from TV.  It’s huger than anything Donald Trump ever called “yuuuuuge!”