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Living the dream part-time

You hear that phrase a lot — “living the dream!”

That got me to thinking. You don’t always dream… not every night. While you might not be able to live your dream full-time, you probably could part-time.

So for me, I always thought working from a coffee shop would be really cool. Writing something.  Drawing something. Big dreams, I know… but I didn’t mention the Pulitzer Prize.

Now me doodling in a coffee shop in the wee hours of the morning would only require me waking up earlier than I usually do, in which case having a supply of caffeinated beverages would come in handy. Bingo! I’d be living the dream if only for a few hours. Or until the Mikester is up.

The “take home” is you can probably live an aspect of your dream — maybe a few days a week. That might build up — you know part-time work can often lead to full-time.