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Almost Summer

Ah! It almost Summer! First sign of Spring is seeing a robin. First sign of Summer is a bee in the house.  A wasp really. Wasps give bees a bad name.

Did a lot of work on the Lord’s Day.  Feel bad about that but things were in dire need of getting done. And get done they did!

Put in three bushes in honor of George, W, and Jeb. Not sure how the third one is going to do, looks like it has low energy.

Got the rest of the garden in today. We have peppers, cukes, zukes, beans, peas, lettuce, carrots, strawberries, sunflowers, and four varieties of tomato. My theme for the garden this year is “the stakes are high”. Hoping in staking up the tomatoes to 6 feet. Lots of other climbers too.

Also got a haircut outside from my dad. It got a little hairy trying to dodge wasps. My dad said if anyone makes fun of my haircut I should say, “you should see what he did to my lawn!” Yeah, my dad trimmed that up, too. My mom also came back to help out more – she may be hoping for another appearance in the Daily Damien.  I hope it becomes a regular feature!

There’s more stuff but I’m feeling low energy myself. Time to rest… okay, today was supposed to be a full day of rest. I aim to do better next week!