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Fruits and vegetables of our labor

Hey there, beautiful people!  Welcome back to the Daily D.  I’m so glad you could join us today.  How have you been?

I’ve been posting a lot about all this outside work we’ve been doing and while I think this will always be a work in progress, we have made some real progress.

gardenThis is year two of the great square foot garden experiment. I have learned a lot from year one and with all the nice weather of late, I have an early head start on the season. (The official Wisconsin kickoff for home gardens is Memorial Day weekend). This year my focus is on the vertical. I plan on the garden being taller than it is wide.  I have the trellises bamboo poles and stakes all set in with some nice climbing veggies. It should be fun and the kids are excited. Okay, truth be told, they are most excited about the carrots — which are vertical but in a downward way.

Why do people plant thorn bushes? I’m not talking rose bushes with some thorns, these are just bushes of thorns.  I guess they must be hearty plants that can survive Wisconsin’s worst winters but still, they have such a prickly personality.  Not only that but ours were getting close to their expiration dates. They had seen better days.  Especially better than the day I sawed them to pieces and dug out their roots. So we replaced them with Moogle Dwarves.  At least, that’s the name I remember but I’m sure I’m wrong. They sound and look friendlier. Got those planted yesterday and put on fresh covering of mulch today. It all looks pretty good if I do so say so myself.


Follow up, I do so say so… myself, that is.