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Decapitating Yoda

Sure, I love Star Wars.  I’m a nerd like that.  And I love Yoda, too.  I’m a nerd like that. So you’d think when I got a Yoda-shaped flash drive at work, that I’d love it, right?


It was love at first sight… but then I felt a disturbance in the Force. If I wanted to use the flash drive, I’d have to uncap it and in order to uncap it, I’d literally have to decapitate Yoda. And then jam his body into computer’s usb port. Call me crazy but that seems like a huge design flaw.


Do or do not, there is no trying that Yoda drive for me.  (The pic above I grabbed online.)

Fortunately I was also given two Darth Vader USB drives. Now those are practical. I’m guessing that’s what Kylo Ren is using Darth Vader’s helmet for in The Force Awakens.  He’s a practical guy.

Kylo USB

I seem to be gifted a lot of Darth Vader stuff.  I have a coffee mug shaped like Darth’s helmet… I drink coffee from the crown of his head. I just got a Darth water bottle. I can drink from Vader after I unscrew his head.

Now I’m a nerd but even I realize — this is going a little too far… far away.  But, at the end of the day, it’s all just for fun. And here’s a perfect example of that. The video below has become the #1 most-watched Facebook Live video of all time.  Now, we’ve only had Facebook Live videos for a couple months but still it’s a good reminder that it’s the simple things in life can bring us and others joy. May the Force be with USB.

P.S. A shout out to Missy for getting me the USB drives and to Laura for putting up with me stealing her USB drives on a regular basis.  And no, Marty, you can’t have my Yodas.