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The French did it again

Before the French, we just had baked potatoes on the side. The French created French fries and super-sized our country.

Before French innovation, kissing was little more than pecks on the cheek. French kissing is now the the gold standard of kissing currency.

And B.F. (Before French), toast was just toast. No one could boast! Leave it to the French to turn it into… the most… dessertesque item on the breakfast menu. Yes, French Toast.

Now I’m not a big French toast person… I mean I am a big person, thanks to French fries, but French toast was never my cup of tea… this is getting confusing. I don’t like French toast much but I saw one of those Tasty videos (that show you how to make delicious recipes in just a couple minutes) and it sold me on giving French toast another try.

It sold my wife and kids into wanting the third version of French toast. So I gave it a whirl. Here are my results:



Now FYI the cinnamon in the egg wash looks like way too much in real life but it turns out magnific!  The fam loved the results. I recommend giving it a try. Or try trying out (Yoda hates this sentence) another one of Tasty’s recipes. Variety is the spice of life. So is cinnamon.  Here’s the full recipe. Bon appétit!