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Milwaukee Zoo

So it’s not officially Summer yet. But this weekend is known as the official unofficial kickoff of Summer.

We celebrated a nephew’s birthday yesterday at TL’s bro’s house in Hartford, WI and spent the night at Nana’s (TL’s mom’s).  Today we went to the Milwaukee Zoo thanks to Nana’s family zoo pass.

It was great and the weather held out (because I brought the magic umbrella). Actually it was perfect Zoo weather: sunny but very temperate. Felt like a 73 degree room — just right.

Something I learned from watching my friend’s old zoo videos… in 20 years nobody will be interested in footage of the animals. You’ll be interested whenever you see the kids or yourself when  you were younger.

Another thing I learned is a child’s disposition can be greatly affected by blood sugar levels. Lee had a bit of a meltdown. We got through it and then we ate our packed lunches. The good-as-gold Lee was back to enjoy the rest of the day.

Another another thing: I underestimated how much the boys would love the snakes exhibit.

Highlights of the visit: 

TL and her mom: Octopus – It really was lively and was putting on quite a show.

Mikester and me: Giraffes. Got to see the new “baby” giraffe… not exactly a runt, at least by human standards.

Lee: Tiger, snakes, and sharks.

The Princess: the stuffed snake that she and Lee pulled their money together to buy.