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Well said, young man!

Happy Memorial Day!

Not sure is “Happy” is the appropriate word here. Kind of like back in the days when Facebook would only have a “Like” button to respond to any and every post. Sometimes you’d “Like” something sad just so you could respond to a post to show support.  Not that you really liked someone’s relative or pet dying.

tej-memorialSame with Memorial Day — like doesn’t quite fit.  My nephew Tej described it so well he made the news last night. His speaking part comes in at 1:49. You can tap here to see the report.

Well said, young man! It’s not just a three day weekend.

I do think it’s a day to be enjoyed though. The people who died would probably want us to remember their sacrifices with some sort of family gathering, a great meal and delight in all the things they delighted in… and defended.  We can say “thank you” by intentionally ceasing the day like that.

We did have a happy Memorial Day. We even grilled out and ate a fine meal with my parents. So maybe Happy Memorial Day does fit.  I “Like” that.


Happy Memorial Day!