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Will work for sleep

My daughter, the Princess, stayed home from school today.  She had an upset stomach the night before and didn’t want to risk a day of school needing to go to the restroom every 10 minutes. Having to use the restroom so much at home, she ended up getting very little rest. Oh, the irony.

She finally got some sleep late in the day and was disappointed when she woke up that it wasn’t yet tomorrow. “I have to sleep again?!” she cried.  Oh, how times will change…

Shortly after TL had tucked her into bed for the night, the Princess came downstairs in tears. “I just can’t sleep!” I decided to help her out by not scolding her and demanding her back to bed.  I said “how ’bout you do the dishes?” She agreed.

You see one thing I learned from my bout with insomnia in Rome was, don’t try to force yourself to sleep.

I remember getting so frustrated with not being able to sleep that I was hitting myself on the head saying “Why can’t I sleep!!!!???” Then I Googled, “I can’t sleep!” The first search result that came up was this:

Get out of bed when you can’t sleep. Don’t try to force yourself to sleep. Tossing and turning only amps up the anxiety. Get up, leave the bedroom, and do something relaxing, such as reading, drinking a warm cup of caffeine-free tea, taking a bath, or listening to soothing music.

I had much more success just getting out of bed, taking a hot shower, and then reading until I was nodding off.  Sometimes your mind is so active it just needs a focus, a direction, maybe even distraction and reading does that for me.

If the dishes don’t work maybe I’ll give her my speech from the Rome presentation. Ha! No way!  It was great!