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5D Ultrasounds

The Big Day

Today was the big day.  The official ultrasound of our 20 week year-old, we’ve affectionately dubbed “Baby Awesome”.

To me the experience of the ultrasound is always a little tense. Especially since the last time we had one, it was in the very same room where we got some very sad news. It was a little surreal being there again.

Also out of three babies, we’ve only gotten one or two “Facebook worthy” ultrasound pics. Last time with the Mikester, we mostly got feet.

So we kept on reminding the ultrasound nurse, “Take all the time you need!” “The more pictures the better!” “We are in no rush here.”

We got four pictures.


I did ask if they had a 3D ultrasound machine and the nurse said “Oh, you mean 4D, yes, I can turn it on…” I was so excited I forgot to ask her what the fourth dimension was all about.

The Pictures

The first 4D pic looked a little… Well, let’s just say I was expecting a Rembrandt and it looked more like an Edvard Munch (and all the art majors laughed). Or maybe a Salvador Dalí.  The baby looked a little… melted. I joked that the baby looked like me. The nurse said it looked better on her screen and it would print out better… Well…


The others were a bit better.  If you look at them from further away you can make out the baby better.


And we got one pretty good profile pic of the traditional ultrasound variety. Our little guy (or gal) didn’t want to cooperate and pose for taking a picture… definitely one of our kids.


So from the ultrasound room, we took our four pics (the nurse did make us a CD of some of the other pics thankfully) and went to our doctor’s office to go over the pics with him.

The doc said he had examined all the pics the nurse gave him and everything was looking good.  Then we went through the pics we had printed. And upon seeing the “melty” pic, he said, “Oh, that’s a good one.” It reminded me of a Seinfeld episode:

TL and I did chuckle about that experience.  This weekend she was reaching over the stove and burned her belly a smidge reaching for something in the overhead cabinet. Could that have melted our baby? Oh, I hope sharing that doesn’t offend anyone, especially my wife. I think we were a little giddy from the whole experience.

The Best Pictures

At supper tonight I showed the pics to the kids. They took great joy in them and debated back and forth over the sex of the baby. Lee at first thought the umbilical cord was long hair and conceded it was a girl but then reversed that decision. The Princess was convinced it’s a girl.  Our 3 yo Mike, said it was a girl looking at the live ultrasound at the appointment.

After supper Lee was inspired to draw his own ultrasound pic… a 5D rendering? I think it’s the best thing he’s ever drawn.


The Princess followed suit with her own masterpiece.


These are definitely my favorites… but only two… two pics?!