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On the threshold of Summer

The Princess is sitting next to me at the kitchen  table, drawing what looks to be a castle, while she sips some chamomile tea I made her. When you are her age you try to stay awake, when you’re mine, you strive to get more sleep.  She’s already finished doing the dishes, so I’m guessing she’ll go up to bed when I do.

Tomorrow is her last day of school for the Summer.  I remember what that feels like. We were talking about that when she turned to me and asked, “Daddy, do you work during the Summer?” I said yes and she sighed.

I really am looking forward to some hot Summer days and bonfires whenever we get a chance to this summer. I think we’ll make our traditional Summer list tomorrow by one such bonfire to celebrate SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!

Okay, Princess, bedtime. You still have school tomorrow.