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Last day of school for the Princess and the fish

At long last, at least for the Princess, it was the last day of 3rd grade for our Princess and she dressed the part for the all-school Mass.  Just a half day.

Also the last swimming lessons for the boys. Their mama was proud to report that boys both went down the big water slides as part of their graduation.

The Princess brought home another stellar report card.  All A’s except for one B in Spanish. She knew the timing was right to request a Culver’s outing. It helped that one of TL’s mom-friends asked if they were going anywhere for lunch. Bingo… the Princess got her Culver’s.

After supper we fired up the pit for bonfire, another request by the Princess to celebrate her promotion to 4th grade. Marshmallows were toasted… or roasted… or maybe torched. We continued our annual tradition of making a Summer bucket list.  This was made on TL’s phone but I think I may print it out for the fridge. And at the end of Summer have another bonfire to burn the completed list in.  Too dramatic?  Maybe… But memorable.  Here’s to a Summer of making great memories.