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The fish are back at Lily Lake and so are we

Hello, Wisconsin!

Last year was our first real foray into fishing with the kids. The Princess and the Tribe both hooked their first sun fish at Harbour Village. We also tried at Lily Lake but according to Kai (my nephew), the townsfolk, and the internet, the terribly cold winter of 2015 completely froze the lake and killed it dead, along with all the fish. We found out those facts after we tried fishing without a nibble.

On Friday my friend “Andy” said it was free-fishing weekend, and having made our Summer goals list, it’s best to start with a bang. I took the bait for free-fishing weekend.  I took the kids to Fleet Farm to get a new rod (our old one finally busted after many years of good service.) I planned on getting one good rod but I ended up getting three toy-ish rods. Yeah, I’m a soft touch.

We planned on going fishing on Sunday since the weather was supposed to be bad but it ended up being really nice, so we loaded up and returned to Lily Lake. But had the fish returned to Lily Lake?

Fishing Lily Lake Wisconsin

Lee caught a whopper using Mikester’s pole. He was over the moon excited and kept yelling “I’m the greatest!  I’m the greatest fisher!” A fitting tribute to Muhammad Ali, so close to his death. There was a family of serious fisher people by us, they even had nets.  The said it was a crappie (pronounced crop-ee) and that it was a keeper. Good thing we had an ice cream pale with us.  We put our future feast in the bucket with water.

We fished a bit more but no more bites, so we decided to get our traditional ice cream at the gas station in Poland, WI. Came back home and watched a few YouTube videos on fish filleting and frying. Lee was fully immersed in all these processes. I did an okay job filleting the fish with a buck knife.  Wow! crappies are delish. We had a great first taste of Summer.