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Memory Lane

Took a nice walk with the family around the long block. Notice I didn’t say nice, relaxing walk… No, that’s rare when the kids are by our sides… or not by our sides but running straight towards the busy intersection.

TL and I are appreciating the Mikester much more as a 3 year old than his “terrible two” days. He’s been on a really sweet, comical roll lately… a sweet roll?  Yes. I had to wake him up from an unexpected nap when I got home from work and he was a real chatter box the rest of the night — not that we always understood what he was saying, mind you.

So tonight I went through my idea books. TL always kids me how I’ll use a notebook… I randomly start in the middle.  Have multiple notebooks and scraps of paper everywhere with ideas.  I recently piled them all on my desk and just made a quick pass through them to collect all my ideas for a certain project I want to launch this fall.  I say first pass through because I should have compiled my other two project ideas into their respective piles.  Nonetheless I got this done.

It was really a nice trip down memory lane… looking through early sketches and naming ideas. And finding really random ideas like these:



Okay, the one above I may need to translate:

Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?

Interviewee: Feathers.

Interviewer: Feathers? Like an allergy?

Interviewee: Yes.

Interviewer: That’s not really what I meant.

Interviewee: Superman has a Kryptonite intolerance.

Interviewer: OK. What are your strengths?

Interviewee: 5 Hour Energy.