A Daily Blog of Family Life in Wisconsin

Like father…

TL and the crew were out shopping when I got home from work.  So I got supper ready and my pearls on to welcome them home. Just kidding. I don’t have pearls… yet.

I also gassed up the mower and pushed it outside as the family van pulled in the driveway. We ate supper which involved the usual number of naughty step sentences:

“Go to the naughty step!”

“Can I get off the naughty step?”

“You know you can’t get off the naughty step if you ask to get off.”

“So can I get off the naughty step?”

After supper I showed the Princess a Spanish game on the computer and when we got outside I noticed Lee had my safety glasses and ear protection headset on.  I got them from him and started mowing.

After cutting the grass I was powering down the mower slowly and looked at my text messages as the mower was cooling down:

A text from TL:


I called Lee over and put him on my lap. I powered back up the mower and circled the yard.  Was it legal? Not sure I really didn’t read all the instructions on the mower. I’m guessing not. But I wonder how many lawnmowers get pulled over.

Later I asked Lee what his favorite thing of the day was and he said riding the lawnmower with you.

“Man, you had a boring day!”  I said.

I kid. He’s a jokester, too. Probably why he’s on the naughty step all the time.