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Lucky 13

So not much I can tell you. I mean I’m dying to tell you what I’m working on. But not literally because I’d definitely tell you if not telling was killing me.  I hear that sharing your goals takes away energy and also gives you a psychological fulfillment if you do tell someone your goals and they give you positive feedback. Weird, huh?  That feedback triggers a response like “okay, mission accomplished.”  So I’m not dying to tell you but it’s killing me — not really.

Hey Teresa lost her 13th baby tooth.  You know why 13 is a lucky number? (I have my Uncle Michael backing me up on this)… It’s Our Lady’s number — the day she always appeared to the kiddos at Fatima.  What else?  I just learned this. They say that Mary “died” on Friday the 13th.  Had the Assumption, two days later on a Sunday. I should fact check that with my mom.